A Process-Centric Approach to Managing Operational Risk

Go Beyond Compliance. Reduce Risks & Improve Processes.

Identifying Operational Risks relies upon understanding the business end to end processes to ensure that risk assessments and control decisions are taken from an operational point of view. This minimizes risks, maximizes compliance and optimizes business performance.
We establish a complete set of needed descriptions of how the business conducts its work, where operational risks occur, and how and where they are mitigated through controls or the development of alternate ways to close control gaps.
We will model risks, controls and processes into a holistic framework that can be applied for Risk Management and can be extended through-out the organization to support process improvement and governance.
Our team delivers an integrated set of related models by applying industry best practices in a collaborative manner while accommodating (and improving where needed) your documentation and sustainment standards.

POP: Avoiding Risk Management Failure: An End to End Process Approach

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Avoiding Risk Management Failures

Expected Benefits

  • Regulatory and internal risk compliance requirements are fulfilled
  • Risks and mitigating controls are identified and mapped to the operational processes
  • Process knowledge captured for multiple business purposes
  • Processes are improved and streamlined without introducing additional risks

Our Operational Risk Management Approach

The main steps of our proprietary Process-Centric  Approach  to Managing  Operational  RiskTM  are:
  • Step 1. Review documented risks, controls and processes
  • Step 2. Define scope
  • Step 3. Map processes in scope
  • Step 4. Identify and map risks and existing controls
  • Step 5. Determine gaps in risk controls and process performance
  • Step 6. Identify and assess process improvement and risk mitigation opportunities
  • Step 7. Develop and implement integrated process improvement and risks mitigation action plan