What is Business Architecture Design

Using design thinking, we formulate a renewed operating model for your business. Exploiting our diverse expertise we will discover new possibilities by leveraging the full potential of existing assets and new capabilities. Architecting and integrating all aspects of business processes, capabilities, technologies and human capital into a holistic approach we will help you to realise your strategic intent. Establishing new actionable insights and concepts and removing any barriers we will craft the ideal journey from where you are to where you need to be.

POP: What is Business Architecture?

Expected Benefits

  • Business model converted
  • Operating model renewed
  • Customer experience and business value improved
  • Business operations aligned with new strategy/value proposition
  • Thinking, attitude, behaviour re-defined
  • Processes and capabilities re-aligned to the Strategy
  • Invaluable insights from external experts gained
  • Traceable scorecards built
  • Business risk mitigated
  • Efficiency and effectiveness established and sustained

Tools / Resources

  • Design thinking
  • Holistic review of your total business landscape
  • Translate strategic intent for process and capability design
  • Stakeholder Analysis / North Star Direction
  • Business Process Architecture
  • Pain and Gain prioritisation
  • Change roadmap
  • Process Design
  • Process Analysis
  • Definition of terms
  • Information model
  • Desired behaviours definition
  • Performance scorecards