What is COE Setup and Optimization

Applying a strong set of governance and management support frameworks we will unite all cross-disciplinary teams in their focus and passion to deliver customer results and stakeholder outcomes. Engaging collaboratively with senior managers we will translate strategic goals into actionable results by defining and managing business process structures. Using the process framework we will derive aligned and traceable performance management scorecards. Through well-established maturity assessments we will move you forward on a progressive BPM maturity journey that will grow your BPM capability. Establishing the right amount of business process governance you will be assured that investments in the highest value-added capabilities come first. Ensuring an evolving journey we will build and coach a process support team and put in place a continuous improvement mindset and ability for everyone’s work. By collaborating we will shape a realistic journey for you to become a process-centric company.

POP: What is a Business Process COE?

Expected Benefits

  • Process structure to deliver strategic intent established
  • Continuous improvement in business performance established
  • Business efficiency and effectiveness in increasingly complex markets in place and sustained
  • Smarter investment in more effective change established
  • Business risk avoided and mitigated
  • External pressures continuously assessed, anticipated and dealt with
  • Ability to navigate continuously through changing customer expectations

Tools / Resources

  • Stakeholder Analysis / North Star direction
  • Performance Management Framework
  • Business Process Architecture
  • Pain and Gain Prioritisation
  • BPM Maturity Assessment (structural and cultural)
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Governance framework
  • Roadmapping the journey
  • Executive training and coaching
  • Support tool selection
  • Center of Expertise (CoE) Design