What is Process Documentation

Understanding the wide range of process documentation options, we establish a complete set of needed descriptions of how the business conducts its work. Capturing and synthesizing all relevant information about your processes we will model them into a holistic baseline of process knowledge for training, performance measurement, role transfer, and other business needs. Our team will deliver an integrated set of related models and apply industry best practice while accommodating your documentation standards.

POP: Modeling More Than Workflow: The IGOE

Expected Benefits

  • Regulatory and internal compliance requirements fulfilled
  • Process knowledge captured as a baseline for training, performance measurement, roleassignment, and other business purposes
  • Basis for impact assessment of change available
  • Potential process improvements identified
  • Consistency and integrity across all levels of process documentation established
  • Easy to read procedures that ensure common process understanding available

Tools / Resources

  • Context diagram
  • Process flow
  • Process decomposition
  • Relevant business rules
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Human behaviours
  • Definition of terms
  • Information model
  • Documented findings
  • Procedures